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OFFER - Location: UK

Hi everyone,

I have been meaning to start posting things for a while. I have so many things to rehome. Starting with this big box of chalks and charcoal. All items on the recycling hub are to be offered as free only, however, postage costs have to be covered by the person taking the item.

Some of these are in a better state than others, but they will go to waste here as it would take me many lifetimes to get through these.

If you would like any message below and they can be divided between you etc.

Tricia Burton

Hi Ashley - I'd be interested in these/ some of these. I run an Art Club at my local school with a big focus on using natural/ recyclyed and reclaimed materials. We could do with some chalk pastels and a bit more charcoal.

Let me know about arranging posting etc.

Thanks, Katy



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