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Emily Hinshelwood
Emily Hinshelwood
February 9, 2024 · joined the group along with .

OFFER - Location: UK

Hi everyone,

I have been meaning to start posting things for a while. I have so many things to rehome. Starting with this big box of chalks and charcoal. All items on the recycling hub are to be offered as free only, however, postage costs have to be covered by the person taking the item.

Tricia Burton

Hi Ashley - I'd be interested in these/ some of these. I run an Art Club at my local school with a big focus on using natural/ recyclyed and reclaimed materials. We could do with some chalk pastels and a bit more charcoal.

Let me know about arranging posting etc.

Thanks, Katy


Hi Ashley, everyone! I’m sharing an idea of something we might exchange? Another student recently sent me some of her old sculpture books as a kind gesture. She asked me to pass them on when I’m finished with them. Exchanging books is a great idea towards art recycling! Books can get damaged (paint on them!) and you can’t sell them. Many books end up in a charity shop and some are thrown away! If you‘re finished with any old or tatty books pass them on. They might be used for collages as well (with permission). I haven’t got any at the moment, but if I get any I will share them!

Siobhán Ní Chatháin
Ashley Mclaughlin
Emily Hinshelwood
Jennifer Beresford

Thank you Tricia, that is such a good idea! That is so lovely of the other student to do that. I was thinking of creating a circular library, I just haven't had the time to implement it really and it would need a few people to keep it running.

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