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Hi all

The Sustainable September Instagram challenge is fast approaching. Last year we had requests to publish the whole list of words in advance so, read no further if you don't want to see them all.

You can do all the words, some of the words or just one or two.

Please tag your work so that we can see it all together in one place.



Themes for Sustainable September

  1. Toxins

  2. Salvage

  3. Balance

  4. Natural

  5. Zero waste

  6. Grow

  7. Unity

  8. Biodiversity

  9. Solar

  10. Organisms (micro)

  11. Rewilding

  12. Destruction

  13. Biodegradable

  14. Compost

  15. Conservation

  16. Waves

  17. Biophilia (A love of life, living, and affinity for living things) (

  18. Closed loop/circular economy

  19. Permaculture

  20. Boundaries

  21. Urban decay

  22. Protection

  23. Wind

  24. Resilience

  25. Reuse

  26. Litter

  27. Deforestation

  28. Preserving

  29. Micro plastics

  30. Resistance

Sep 05, 2023

I have created a piece of work with some of these themes in mind. I think I've tagged it right. How do I know if you've seen it?



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