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Penelope Trigg
Penelope Trigg

I went to the Hayward exhibition in London yesterday, 'Dear Earth' :

I used my OCA card to get the student discount, so my ticket cost £12.

I think pretty much all artforms/media were represented, including at least one poem (in the form of a tapestry) and music accompanying video installations. Although there are paintings, I would say that, for me, they are more like illustrations on the whole. But I found them very beautiful and interesting. You won't find garden design but you will find projects involving plants, from mass plantings to photography and beautiful prints. The international aspect is very welcome.

I'd say there's lots of food for thought/emotion here.

If you go, make sure you see everything. The layout, with black curtains across doors, and spread over two floors plus roof top, is a bit confusing. There's also the wonderful roof garden next door, with a view over the River. A young goldfinch was eyeing up the teasels there while I was eating my sandwiches!


Lara Jobson
Ashley Mclaughlin
Ligia  Coxinho
20 juil. 2023

Thank you for this - was thinking of making the trip to see this.



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