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This is interesting the new UK college dedicated to climate crisis,

Also the mention of the University of Barcelona's introduction of a mandatory course on the climate crisis for all from 2024.

There is a short open course on OCA Learn titled Arts & Environment, it is a few years old and was designed to accompany a series of in person visits, some of you may be familiar with it - Would there be interest in us looking at in the next academic year & refreshing/adding content. It could be a useful resource that could potentially be opened up publicly too. Would anybody like to be involved in this?

What questions should course authors be asking themselves around sustainability and the environment when developing courses, how can this be something that is considered from ideation? What would you like to see in courses around the climate crisis?

I also recently received an email and within the signature of the sender there was the following;

**Please don’t send me a thank you email, or ‘reply all’ unnecessarily. If every adult in the UK sent one fewer email a day we would save more than 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year – equivalent to 81,152 flights to Madrid or taking 3,334 diesel cars off the road. Equally please don’t be offended if I don’t send you a ‘thank you’ email, small actions do add up.

Here at OCA we send a lot of emails, I wonder if something like this - once fact checked - would be good to add to our signatures?

Dr Emma Powell
Jennifer Beresford
Gillian Holmes
Gillian Holmes
22 févr. 2023

I was aware of the course which looks really interesting but could never attend any of the visits and didn't realise that they could be done locally. The question is how to fit the extra work in alongside current studies and deadlines.

I also didn't realise emails added to carbon use so I agree it is good to know.



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