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Kym (Coratin) Walker
Kym (Coratin) Walker

NEWSLETTER NO.3.(Re. Feb 6th meet):

a lovely chatty/sharing & learning/informative/ideas sparking session - good to see familiar and new faces.

- A few members (Katrina, Kathy, Annalisa) have formed a 'sketchbook exchange' with an art/sci slant - will be super to see work-in-progress. This prompted discussion re. embracing digital/technological whilst maintaining in-touch-ness with materials (virtual and real/'objects' 'things').

- We reflected on how Lisa Pettibone's presentation (9th Jan.) was enlightening and relevant/helpful to students process: e.g. Perception, making art from science.

- Kathy Jones posed a lovely question to the scientists in our group: how does their scientific knowledge/experience translate through their art-making? It was fascinating to hear members speak about their individual approaches. Anna Pike (biologist) realised that themes ("pulling and stretching things") and scientific knowledge were unconsciously emerging in her art. Nuala Mahon mentioned that it was only when someone who had read her artist statement asked 'would she have done/made the work if she had not been a scientist?', that Nuala made/realised the art/science connection. Annette Holtkamp said that after a career in science she embraced art by starting quilt-making in a 'scientific, planned way", then aimed to work more intuitively and now has an urge to re-connect art and science. Annalisa Mercuri noted that science entered her art-work when she started printmaking (chemical reactions re. papers/inks). She is currently exploring using scientific data to make visual work i.e. seeing the data in a different way/changing our response .

- Alice Powell suggested another 'members presentation of work' meet. Nuala kindly volunteered to give us an insight into her current exploration involving a pin-hole camera and seaweed (linking with her interests in ocean plastic pollution) - useful/beneficial to several members with similar lines of enquiry.

- I talked briefly about my forthcoming residency at Mertz in Scotland (March/April), lifting myself out of my familiar place of making to metaphorical/literal 'unknown territory' - will 'see what happens' and am happy to share my experience on my return.

Katrina Ardern will be sending out invites for our next meet: Sunday March 6th - in the meantime, do keep an eye on our Padlet for updates/news etc.

Thank you everyone for making it a really positive meet. ( Apologies in advance if I've mis-quoted or left out something crucial - let me know if so and I'll revise/edit.)

p.s. last but not least (!) - yes Steve Meyfroidt, you were 'present' by your 'absence' while you were exhibition hanging 😉 - hope we'll see some of your 'Quantum Fruit' work 'in situ' - from what I've seen it's exciting stuff - well done!!

Katrina Ardern
Annalisa Mercuri
Kathy Jones
Katrina Ardern
Katrina Ardern
07 feb 2022

Thanks for such a good write-up Kym! You were missed Steve, hope everything went well with the exhibition hang. Will get the invites for next meeting out soon as 😎

Me gusta


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