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Kym (Coratin) Walker
Kym (Coratin) Walker

Bit late in the day I know to remind everyone our monthly meet tomorrow is Sunday 6th Feb. 10.30.-11.30 a.m. (!). New Year/New OCA/getting head around it all and all that - though am sure everything will smooth out nicely in due course. The new OCASA are doing a fantastic job of promo/marketing so let's 'go with their flow'. We're looking to the year ahead: activities/guest speakers/projects/events etc. All suggestions/comments always welcome. Art/Sci member Katrina Ardern has set up a super Padlet so do check that out from time to time - lots of lovely art/sci resources etc. (Any issues with accessing or for more info. contact kym515595 or steve522672). Next Meeting: Sunday 6th March 10.30 - 11.30 a.m. (tbc).

Annalisa Mercuri
Zoe Wright
Peb 05, 2022

Where’s the link Kym?



ArtScientific is a cross-discipline collective set up by a g...
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