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ArtScientific Newsletter No.6 01/05/2022

Thanks to all that attended our Bank Holiday meeting edition!

Kym had kindly sent a list of (excellent) ideas for future meetings, workshops, and member collaborations, prior to the meeting, which we went through.

You can also have your say on some of the ideas mooted, either here, by email, or over at the padlet. And if you have any other ideas, please let us know.

1/ Postcard swap/collaboration - this was discussed as a possible fusion with the word prompt (2)

2/ Restarting the word prompt/ padlet exhibition (quarterly space for exploring a theme)

3/ Student presentations - a set time (5-10 minutes) for each student to talk about their practice, does both science and art integrate? How do they envisage their practice beyond OCA? The discussion around this thought about using it as an ongoing part of the meetings, perhaps one of two of these at the start of the meeting for us to have some time to talk after (up to half hour), second half hour for any other discussion.

4/ Multimember project/piece to submit to an open call - who is interested/which Open Call/how, what, where?

5/ Art/Sci "bingo" - I think Kym needs to give us a little more detail on this, who will call, how are we getting vouchers etc - maybe this could be something for end of year, or a quiz?

6/ Workshop day - Kym is already on the case and has messaged a tutor to lead the workshop. This will be later in the year, possibly around September. As soon as we have something concrete we will send out invites to all members.

We will be trying things out for the next few months, and there will hopefully be a programme available soon, in this you will have access to what will be on in future meetings.

In talking about open calls we talked about creating a database (perhaps on padlet?) for us to pool our information about the institutions and deadlines of open calls, and led on to talking about creating a list of academic institutions that regularly put on virtual talks, lectures, interviews that we can share with each other (also probably padlet).

We also talked about residencies. Kym will be coming back to talk about her experience of being at Merz, in a future meeting soon. Maybe we could get someone in to talk about residencies, different types etc, perhaps with a person that runs a residency programme? We can also start a database on padlet when we come across residencies of interest to the group, such as this example below:

Cove Park has a mixture of funded* and self-funded residential programmes in Scotland (2-2 1/2 hr from Glasgow via rail).

*via open call and application process, or nomination and direct invitation.

The next meeting will be on Sunday 10.30am 05/06/2022. Invites/reminders will go out a week before.

Have a great week, and best of luck to all those who are working on their assessments.



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