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(Kym515595) ArtScientific Collaborative Members Testimonials

Annalisa Mercuri (annalisa515141):

I am on the painting degree pathway, but I am also a scientist. During my studies I have discovered a keen interest in combining the two disciplines, and finding the OCA ArtScientific group was a fantastic discovery. The interaction is amazing and fellow students are very collaborative. A place where science and art are at their best!

Kathy Jones (kathy516021):

Although I don't have a scientific background I am really interested in the links between Science and everyday life.The ArtScientific group is great as it gives everyone the opportunity to explore their own artistic or creative ideas in relation to science. It's also a place where collaborations can lead to the development of new and exciting outcomes.

Alice Powell (alice515773):

I have always been fascinated about how and why the world works the way it does. Where have things come from? I didn’t really figure out that this was actually science until recently! Kym approached me to ask whether I would be interested in joining an artscientific group which I jumped at! I have learnt so much from other students, a lot who have scientific backgrounds, and found a community that is like-minded and eagerly wanting to learn more about the mysteries of the world!

Steve Meyfroidt (steve522672):

As a newcomer to making art, but with a career in technology from a science background, I've been thankful for discovering that using subjects based on science is not only valid but fruitful as well. The ArtScientific student group is therefore a great "home" for me personally within OCA's ecosystem of social and collaborative groups. Since its very recent inception it has led me into a long-running collaboration with a fellow student, which will see the light of day in public exhibition later this year. Very exciting!

Katrina Ardern (katrina525950):

I’m a newcomer to the ArtScientific group, which I found through an OCA bulletin. I’ve felt very welcomed into this community. I don’t have a science background so I am excited to have access to those who do as it is such a rich and varied subject with so many avenues to explore! I’m looking forward to collaborating, and the exhibitions we are all creating together.

Inger Weidema (inger514976):

I am interested in celebrating Nature from an artistic standpoint to supplement my previous scientific engagement. To quote the late Ursula Le Guin: ‘Science describes accurately from outside; poetry describes accurately from inside’. With my art making, I find I have access to a more poetic approach.


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