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OCA Photography Reading Group

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Because of multiple clash of dates the next Photography Reading Group is changed to June 1, 2023 at 7:30 pm BST.

The meeting link is on the padlet

2023년 5월 24일

Hi Mary- I can't make this new date, sorry.


May 25 - 7:30 BST

This month Zoe has chosen Outrageous Ageing as Activism by Rosy Martin. You can find the link on the Photography Reading Group padlet. Click here


Hi everyone,

A reminder that the next meeting of the Photography Reading Group is this coming week on Thursday, 27th April at 7:30 pm BST.

The reading will be Theirs and No One Else's by Nicholas Spice. To access the article please here to go to the group padlet.

Stewart Benstead
Stewart Benstead
2023년 4월 22일

Hi, I have read the piece. Very interesting but please help me out, I am struggling to make the connection to photography or even art more generally from the specifics of conducting... any hints as to why this piece was selected and how it should be read would be much appreciated. Thanks Stew


Hi Stewart,

Welcome to the group. Good have you with us. We have an interesting reading this month.

See you on the 27th.


Interested in honing your critical thinking around the pract...
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