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REMINDER: upcoming student talk with Steve Cussons, this Saturday, all welcome (open to all OCA students), please see details on how to register below:

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Student Talk with Steve Cussons: Active Matter

Join us on Saturday, 25 June 2022, 10.30-12noon CEST for a talk by and conversation with Steve Cussons, who is currently completing her Level 3, Creative Arts programme.

Register here for the zoom link:

All welcome and we look forward to you joining us!

Gesa (and the rest of the core team)

Please read on for some background to Steve's Body of work and a short bio. You will find her online at:

Body of Work: Active Matter

I have a microscope and a telescope, and I am fascinated that details at the smallest scale can be echoed in the largest structures of the universe. My Body of Work is an expression of this curiosity about how matter behaves, investigating how I influence my material and how it influences me. Simplicityof media is important; I use media derived from carbon, a fundamental material of life, spread through the universe by the life cycles of stars.

Scale is also important; I am trying to relate the vast and the tiny by referenceto the human scale. I use my body both as a tool to draw with and a surface to draw on, in an intimate connection between myself and matter through the sense of touch. This process is collaborative, working in partnership with my medium to explore its inherent, performative potential. The record of creative event is stretched through time by combining still and moving imagewith works on paper, allowing the viewer to experience the unfolding changes exhibited by the medium. Capturing this action in both physical and digital forms allows multiple perceptions of effects operating from the scale of the human body to the microscopic.


Although a keen artist as a teenager, I was forced to give up art at school for 'more academic' subjects. Following a career in Mathematics and IT, I returned to study for a degree in Astrophysics but dropped out after a year. I subsequently decided that I wanted to return to art and signed up for a drawing course with OCA. I enjoyed this so much that I then committed to a BA in Creative Arts.

My fascination with materials, process and detail is expressed through printmaking, drawing and photography. Specific projects reflect interests in, but not limited to, physics, astronomy, geology, genetics and ancient history. My art is inspired by science, science and art being two of the greatest expressions of human curiosity.

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