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Hi all, some housekeeping suggestions regarding our group session on Satudray morning:

Diana Ali will be leading us to do evaluation of our online exhibition, eg. How we experienced collaboration, what we learnt from challenges to success, and suggesting you be ready to share any images/text or info with regards to the session. Baiba has put up her hand to share the screen on our behalf, so do not stress around technicalities. Thank you Baiba👏🏻

"We will be doing an overall evaluation of the group show, how you found the collaboration, what the group learnt from challenges to successes, why we evaluate, what you will take forward, audience engagement, communicating ideas from conception to realisation.

Looking forward to see all in the Zoom space between 11:000 and 13:00 CET ( 10:00 - 12:00 UK)

Annette, Annalisa, Sonia and Karen ( Core team for OCA EU group

Lia Maros
Sonia Boening
Baiba Vagule
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