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Penelope Trigg
Penelope Trigg

Hi Sue, Natasha, Karen, Velma, Hilary and all -

I hope this message reaches you ok. Sorry if I've missed anyone out (my brain's in full hibernation mode, I think ...).

We'd set the date for our next Zoom tomorrow at 7pm. (I know not all of you were able to make it this time.)

I'm afraid I've got an absolutely filthy cough (not Covid). I'd thought I would have shaken it by now, as it started a week ago, but I'm still coughing and spluttering constantly. And feeling absolutely grot! So I won't be able to host (or even attend) the Zoom, grr.

If one of you would like to host, that would be wonderful. If you'd prefer to re-schedule we can do that. Sorry to leave this to the last minute.

I hope you can all avoid the nastiest of the bugs out there this winter.

Best wishes -


Penelope Trigg
Penelope Trigg
Nov 14, 2023

Dear All -

The consensus so far is to reschedule, so we'll do that. I'm afraid I'm so thick of head that thinking about dates at the moment is beyond me! Maybe beginning of December-ish?

Have a good trip to Watchet, Sue. It sounds fascinating and a nice place to meet for those who can make it. Maybe we can talk about that at the Zoom?

Thank you for your good wishes. Hopefully this nasty bug will start to weaken soon, at least.

Best wishes -




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