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30th Aug to 30th Sept 2022

EY UP! Creative Writing Workshops

Creative Writing opportunity at Pioneer Projects and Bentham Community Library About this Event Bentham Community Library and Pioneer Projects have received Art’s Council funding to run four Creative Writing workshops with a professional writer and poet The workshops are an extension of The Great British Dialect Survey that we ran in the Library in May. Participants will get the chance to celebrate their own dialect, develop their own work and learn new skills under the guidance of writer Andy Craven-Griffiths.

Andy, who has vast experience of running creative writing workshops, has also performed his poetry on stage at various festivals, including Glastonbury. His work has also been broadcast on BBCTV and Radio. Andy is also the lead singer / rapper in his band ‘Middleman’ who have toured everywhere and played live sessions for BBC Radio 1 and 6.

Watch Andy on YouTube here:


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