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2B or Not 2B Collective - Life Drawing Recordings

If you missed any of OCA and 2B or Not 2B collective's life drawing workshops fear not as you can view the recordings on Gumroad.

The code for students to access the OCA sessions is “ocafree” which you will need to enter into the “discount section” during checkout, it doesn’t matter what price you enter in the first step, you need to enter one, at checkout it will come out as free.

Here are the links to the recordings:

Helen and Margo (Jenny Saville Theme):

Eliana (Nature Theme):

Melina (Movement Theme):

2b or Not 2b also have a pre-existing student discount for OCA students on the rest of the library. OCA students can get 40% off. The code for this is: "oca40discount".


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