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The OCA Student Association is not like most student unions. We're different, just like the students we represent. In 2020 the Student Association was reformed to have a structure based on value-led representatives rather than just degree pathways. Our Reps try to cover the different aspects of student life.

We're also not like student unions that you will find in a brick-and-mortar university. The OCA is a part-time distance learning institution. We fit our studies around our busy daily lives. 

OCASA Reps are elected to represent the student body in particular areas and endeavour, where we can, to canvas ideas, opinions and beliefs about the topics that affect OCA students. 

We are inspired every day by the amazing creativity and diversity that exists in the OCA student body. We stand for you. Where we can, we fight for what is fair, just and honourable. We advocate for issues like equality, diversity and a rapidly-changing world. We hold the OCA to account for improving their communications and levels of student involvement throughout their programmes of change.

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