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Meditation in Forest


Over this past year we have all faced many unexpected challenges and the need for wellness and mental health awareness have become even more relevant.


There are many things we can do to take care of both our physical and mental health and this is key to maintaining a good balance in life whilst we are studying. It can be a real struggle balancing work, family duties, and maintaining a social life whilst also studying. However, it is important to find a balance and keep up fun, social activities!

Here are a few things that we think might help.


Download the OCA Wellbeing App


Join in with group activities and work groups either set up by OCA or other students. There are also regional groups you can join to meet other students in your area even area of the world! Check out the Clubs & Groups page to see what's available. Nothing there you like? Start a group!


Use the OCA Discus Forums to connect with other students, ask questions or browse for interesting topics.


Eat well - Feeding your body the right nutrients can not only boost your mood, it can give you the energy you need to keep both your body and your mind ready to tackle that latest assignment.


Exercise - Exercise has shown to boost energy and give us mood boosting endorphins. Just be sure to stretch out after though, to help release these endorphins. Not doing so has been shown to cause more tension.


Get Enough Sleep - Aim for 8 hours a night. Turning off screens a few hours before bed can help your body release melatonin, which makes you feel sleepy. The blue light from screens can interrupt this process, meaning you don't get enough melatonin and can then struggle to sleep at night.


Practice mindfulness, meditation, and/or yoga - These disciplines can help you learn to relax, stay positive and focused.


Keep a gratitude diary - This can help you to stay positive and can remind you about just how much progress you have made, on those days you are feeling down.


Stay organised - Setting realistic goals and staying organised can help you from feeling overwhelmed. There are many apps and methods to help your stay organised. 


A personal favourite is the 'Bullet Journal'. Partly because it is a way you can combine your creativity and keep track of tasks. There is an abundance of inspiration on Pinterest for Bullet Journal ideas.


Be part of the OCA community - OCA has a lively, friendly community of students that we are hoping to help grow here through the Student Association. There are many ways of connecting with other students as listed above, but you can always reach out to the Exec Commitee if you need help.

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Other Resources

Below are links to other sites & apps that which we hope you will find useful:

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