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Arts, the environment & sustainability

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Sara Green
Sara Green
20 days ago · joined the group.

DCEFF is an Environmental Film Festival based in the US. The films are inspiring. They can be viewed without attending the festival. 500+ Previous films to view here. And 2023 films here. The following video is ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘Offering a brief window into one man’s journey and his deep-seated love for the forests that are rapidly decreasing around Livingstone, Zambia.’ A beautiful film.

Tricia Burton
27 days ago · joined the group.

Call for Events: Climate Justice

Calling all creative practitioners! Submit your event proposal addressing the issue of climate justice for an opportunity to make it happen with Autograph's support.

Find out more here.

Tricia Burton

Take a look at this plant-based manifesto

You can also watch a video interview with Studio d-o-t-s. Watch out for the annoying ads at the start and part way through!

Jennifer Beresford
Tricia Burton


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