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10 November 2021

Hi everyone, a small but important change was made to the website today:

From now on to sign up to Events, you will need to be logged into the OCASA site. Previously, anyone could sign up to an Event, and we need to make sure that Events are for OCA students only.

If you haven't signed up to the site as a member yet, do problem - it's really easy. Please just make sure you sign up with your OCA student email - that way we can ensure all members are students of the University.

Thanks, and see you at an event soon!

Dan Woodward - Lead Rep

August 2021

Hi everyone!

It's great to see hundreds of OCA students visit and use the site. We've seen student groups being created and loads of you signing up for events!

To join in with these activities you need to be a site member, but please remember that we can only accept signups with your OCA student email. That way we can ensure that only OCA students have access to OCASA Events and Groups. Thank you!

Dan Woodward - Lead Rep

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