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EDI Detox

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Hi there, everyone. :)

I just wanted to check in about last week's session which got cancelled.

Is there something we can do to promote EDI Detox club?

Have you guys considered contacting the person who moderates OCA's instagram, maybe they could make a post about this event?

If not that, could we maybe make a post for #WeAreOCA blog? I'd be willing to help with that if needed :)

I really enjoyed the first session so I think if we could figure out a way to promote this group a little bit and attract new people, they would really like it as well.

Feb 09, 2023


Ope is going to send me some details of the revised take on the sessions next Monday so we should be able to get the ball rolling again. It would be super if you wrote a post Isidora, drop me an email to Perhaps we could do a takeover of instagram with EDI in mind.



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