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Newsletter No.4 (06/03/2022)

Thanks to all that attended and participated in making Haikus and showing us your works both on the padlet and at the meeting today.

We asked everyone to read out their haikus when their work was enlarged on the screen, take a brief pause and then give us the title, medium, size, and if it is a finished/unfinished piece. There was so much to glean from everyone's insights into their own work and the comments and questions around each other's pieces made this a very lively discussion with such a wide array of disciplines, interests, materials and motivations. I hope you all enjoyed this, and please let us know if you would like to try something like this again in a future meeting.

Barry assisted with screen sharing at the meeting (thanks again Barry!), and at Zoe's suggestion, a new padlet has been created from this session, which we hope you might all add further images and context, and as something you can keep engaging with. And if you're inspired by using haiku or another form of poetry, please feel free to continue to add to it here: Art Scientific - the Haiku Game (thanks to Zoe for setting this up and copying the chat today).

A big congratulations to Nuala for being shortlisted in this year's Belfast Photo Festival! If you have entered any competitions or have an exhibition (like another of our members, Steve Cussons' Active Matter 21-26 March) please do share it with us here either on OCASA (public) and/or our padlet (private).

Nuala has also kindly offered to do a presentation of her work for next month's meeting (03/04/2022), there will be time at the end of this session for questions and comments.

My apologies today as we knew it may over-run, I wasn't sure how long it would be - if we do more of these types of meetings in the future we will factor in a comfort break.

Sadly, the programme mentioned today - Japanese Style Originator is no longer on Netflix. It may well pop up on another streaming service? There's only one season but I think there's nearly fifty episodes about all sorts of things to do with history, craftspeople, food, and culture of Japan, in a light entertainment format.

If there's anything missed from this recap, please do add to it here.

Thanks again, and hope you all have a good week ahead.

Kym (Coratin) Walker
Zoe Wright
08 mar 2022

Me confused Where did Holzer come into the conversation?

Me gusta


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