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Dhama Thanigasapapathy Deluge, oil on board, 5 x 7"


For our September meeting one of our members, Dhama Thanigasapapathy, has kindly agreed to give a short talk about her practice. I highly recommend checking out Dhama's evocative works over at her website and on instagram @dhama100.


Dhama Thanigasapapathy is a British London based artist whose work is informed by her interest in science fiction, psychology, futurism and her life-long fascination with the awesome power and chaotic beauty of climatic phenomena. She uses painting as a way to relate to the changing environment, allowing the flows, drips and chemical interactions of paint to echo natural processes. She spends many hours drawing, painting and photographing elements of the natural environment such as water, geological formations and weather effects. Creating semi-figurative landscapes of future possibilities based on a complex interweaving of reality, imagination, multiple overlapping memories and emotional perceptions. This will be a recorded talk for Art Scientific and will be available to all members via the padlet after the meeting. If you have any questions for Dhama there will be a Q&A afterwards, if you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to ask Dhama something, either send me an email prior to Sunday, or put your questions onto the padlet under the recording. If you have made something for the theme 'The Present' for the September meeting, please do upload these to the ArtSci padlet. Remember, it doesn't need to be a completed piece (mine isn't!), but rather like a snapshot of something from now, so it could include what you are working on currently for your course.

If you have not received the meeting invite via email or cannot access the Padlet, please message and I will send you the details.

Hope to see you on Sunday!


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