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Hi everyone

-- we are continuing our artist conversations around the www exhibition with Peter Hungerford and myself.

Saturday, 20 August, 11:00 hrs CEST with Gesa Helms and Peter Hungerford

We will introduce some of the collaborations across the residency and exhibition project: their joint work Weaving the Wånder Web (Wide) presents as audio-visual animation a database and web of interactions, while in Gesa’s Outside a pen jiggles! and To/ Fir understand, two a/v works are built from a large collaborative and distributed drawing machine process.

Zoom link here (you will receive the link automatically upon registration)

Visit our website for access to the exhibition and to explore further resources.

All welcome!

Gesa (and Peter and Karen)

Peter Hungerford
Karen Stander
Inger Weidema
Inger Weidema
Aug 15, 2022

Dear Peter and Gesa - unfortunately I will not be able to join due to other commitments. Have a great event. / Inger

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