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Upcoming www exhibition cafes:

Hi all -- we have three more conversations coming up. Please see below, and join us!

For next week, Angela Trencsak will kick off with a little bit on her piece in the show to open a conversation on the role of place in many of our works: imagined, remembered, experienced.

Please see schedule below. The signup is as before a simple zoom registration link (it will take you directly through to the zoom link and gives us a record who was there).

Please feel free to circulate in whatever form. All welcome:

Thursday, 1 September, 20:00 hrs CEST with Angela Trencsak

Exploring notions of place (imagined, experienced, remembered) in Angela’s work (Spiritual connections through a journey of imagination) and across a number of how others are working with place-based themes and practices in the exhibition project.

Saturday, 17 September, 11:00 hrs CEST with Annette Holtkamp and Karen Standers

Annette and Karen will introduce their collaborative work around fungi and mycelial networks, Involution: Fungi, Forests, Humans, and how this is unfolding.

Monday, 26 September, 20:00 hrs CEST with Annalisa Mercuri and Baiba Vagule

along with Sonia Boenig, Annalisa and Baiba will look at the experience of curating the group exhibition in the Kunstmatrix space.

Peter Hungerford
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