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Group membership:: all who have been added accidentally.

Dear all -- we are still in the process of manually removing those who have been accidentally added (it's unfortunately not a simple process).

If you find soon that you have been removed from the group and are based in continental Europe, please join again, it's a simple button click.

Quite a few of you have posted here, made contact too, while based in UK or further afield than Europe -- please take a note of your contacts and find each other through your profile pages etc... I don't think we have been all that strict with Europe but not UK-based, so also feel free to join us again (Europe being such a complicated thing, not just these days but for much longer, and many of us have of course also UK/Europe based connections not just since Brexit/Covid).

Our apologies again for the confusion this glitch has caused, the annoyance of unwanted messages, and also lovely to see so many posts in this group, for some to have found this group space and all best wishes,

Please also look out for some future announcements re feedback/future programming and exhibition related events.

Gesa (+core team)

Annalisa Mercuri
Francesca Menghini
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