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This Saturday we have an exciting Workshop lead by Tutor Helen Rousseau!

Do not forget to reserve your spot and to have the following items ready! Reserve it now through the link on the previous post!

You will need:

  • Your computer positioned so that you can use your background/wall as a making space.

  • To cover this space with paper, or, you can work straight onto the wall. Consider colour - do you want to work on a coloured background?

  • A moveable light source

  • Methods of temporary fixing i.e. tape, clips, magnets, white tack.

  • A collection of flat(ish) objects made or found and light enough to be attached to the wall/paper. These could include pieces of packaging, gloves, print outs, fabric, clothing, paper bags, collage materials, extracts from existing works, etc.

  • Drawing media – a variety such as paint, ink.

  • Paper, card, acetate, painted surfaces of varying sizes.

  • Try not to limit yourself the more options you have available the better even if you don’t end up using these.

Karen Stander
Lia Maros
Annalisa Mercuri
Annalisa Mercuri
Oct 20, 2023

dear all, we need to postpone the workshop due to an unforeseen event. apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused you. stay tuned on this space for updates on the new date

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