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Just got back my feedback on my final Level 2 course. After I had submitted this I thought I had mucked it up as at time was writing it up ready for assessment the criteria for DIC seemed to vanish and change and then reappear, perhaps as OCA were playing with a different setup for the degree. But to my great surprise the assessment team say they were impressed with my work and an improvement over my first Level 2 unit. Looking back, I can see that issue with that unit wasn't so much about my work but how I detailed my choices and related these choices to research.

I not someone who been overly bothered about marks through my study so while a good mark is very nice, the encouraging feedback is the best boost for me.

A previous tutor told me that Level 2 and 3 was far more interesting than Level 1 and I have found this to be true for me.

Wooo. Go me!! Right now to try and get my big head out of the door....

John Burns
Apr 13, 2022

Congratulations Richard. You should rightly be chuffed!



Hi Everybody. We are a group of (mainly) photographers that ...


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