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Penelope Trigg
Penelope Trigg

Just to say: A few of us were thinking of trying a Zoom get-together again ... Maybe in November? We were thinking of a 'doing' Zoom, where we bring something creative to get on with, and chat or listen as we feel like it. I can host again - unless someone else would like to!

I've just started Painting 1.2, and am gearing up to do my first-ever Assessment submission, for 1.1. I'm ridiculously stressed about the first, and nervous about the second. Hopefully, November will be a calmer month! A date in the second half of November would suit me best.

Best wishes to all -


Hilary Marshall
Velma Plummer
Velma Plummer
Velma Plummer
Nov 03, 2023

I'm going to the Harrogate Show mid November, but the end of the month should be fine.



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