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Fight Discrimination with the NUS Liberation Campaign

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Like most student-led associations, OCASA has membership with the National Union of Students in the UK. The way we operate is slightly different from the majority of student unions due to our university's unique needs, but the NUS can still offer a great deal to our student body. It may not appear that way at first, but the NUS is focused on campaigning for accessible, lifelong, government-funded and democratised education for all. This vision for education naturally supports and includes the OCA as an institution and falls in line with the OCASA's goals and values.

In order to further these goals of making education inclusive and accessible to all, the NUS has several ongoing campaigns which need student support to thrive. These campaigns are evolving, and the work is being done in real-time. The NUS updates each campaign as progress is made so that it's easy to see how your support helps. You can also ensure you fully support the work being done.

Some examples of ways these campaigns have already changed the student experience include: obtaining over £174m for student hardship across the UK during COVID-19 lockdowns, supporting disabled students who were affected by the £200 DSA charge by covering this cost if they could not afford this, and supporting trans students and allies in making progress towards GRA reforms. However, these campaigns are in desperate need of further support from students to continue making progress.

Supporting NUS Liberation Campaigns is completely free. It's like signing up for a newsletter or a petition. You also don't have to support all of their work. There are a wide range of campaigns currently running, such as Reform the Disabled Student Allowance, Gender Recognition Act, the Poverty Commission, and The Black Achievement Gap. You can visit the campaign pages to see more about the goals, progress made, plans for the next steps, and also to pledge your support. We encourage you to make your voice heard on these topics!

If you're interested, the NUS also runs a Liberation Campaigners group which provides information and support as well access to a wider range of students to network with. The group is open to all NUS members and is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with furthering the rights of all students - and all people. You can join the group by clicking here. You can also find all 0f the NUS liberation campaigns here, including many more not mentioned in this post. I recommend checking it out - even if just to learn more about how the NUS supports your student experience.

Fighting discrimination and inequality is vital to our progress. Art has always been used as a tool for questioning and challenging political norms. Unfortunately, as we know, not everyone involved in the arts is seen as equal, nor do they all have the same opportunities. Using our creative voices to push these boundaries and exceed expectations is wonderful, and supporting campaigns such as these NUS ones is a great way of practically contributing to change.

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