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More student work - Summer of Sustainability

BA Hons Painting student Dhama Thanigasapapathy

I have just completed my BA Painting degree studies.

My work is informed by my interest in science, science fiction, psychology, futurism and my life-long fascination with the awesome power and chaotic beauty of climatic phenomena. My semi-abstract speculative landscape paintings are imaginative renderings of future possibilities where extreme climatic forces transform, dissolve and erase constructs over time and space. The ghostly remnants of the past linger as storms and seas encroach, time elapses, erosion occurs, human artefacts break down, natural objects are displaced, matter grows over the ruins of civilisations. The materiality of the paint – splashes, drips, paint flowing like water, air, fire and earth - echoes the chaotic nature of the subject matter.


1, Accumulation, Oil on Board 24 x 30 cm, 2022

2. Exothermic, Exothermic Oil on Canvas 24 x 30 inch, 2022

3, Tumbling Away, Oil on Canvas Board, 12 x 16 inch, 2023

Find out more about my work here:

Instagram: @dhama100

BA Hons Graphic Design student Eleanor Green

I created this collage for one graphic design exercise which references consumerism and consumption. I've added text around the subject, you can view more here:

In a nutshell, the piece is an expression of how consumerism is damaging the planet, this quest for more stuff which is never enough, and at the expense of our planet and communities which people don't think about. This idea of owning the latest, coolest, expensive things and how we don't think about the suffering for those making it and the price tags which these big corporations benefit from. It's about creating this idea of desire, how we are being marketed and advertised to.

BA Hons Textiles student Elizabeth Hulatt-Richardson

I'm a textiles student but also have a passion for art and mixed media. I've just had my work in my first ever exhibition and hope more with follow as it was a great success.

Having recently moved to the coast, I have built quite the collection of beach finds, including jars full of gleaming sea glass. To me, seaglass is a rare beauty and a great example of the earth making beauty and art out of the abuse it receives from humans. We chuck our rubbish into the sea and the sea chucks these beautiful, soft, crystal like gems back at us. Seaglass has captured my imagination and I've now started using it as a canvas. Because the surface has been roughed by the sea it holds paint amazingly and is a treat to paint on. The shape of the seaglass talks to me and tells me what to paint on it. I've paired my love of seaglass with my love of birds so I now paint tiny little realistic birds onto tiny little bits of seaglass. I love it! It's like therapy for me. I hope to translate my love of birds into textile studies as well in the future using recycled and sustainable materials like men's ties which is another favourite of mine, but for now I'm very content with my seaglass creations.

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