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Narrating November – Sustainability Challenge

Please come and join us.

During the month of November ‘the arts, the environment & sustainability group’ is running a 30 day Instagram challenge on the theme of sustainability.

This theme can be interpreted in any way that you like including using sustainable materials or using sustainability directly as a topic. There will be a daily prompt word that will be announced in the group and on Instagram @narratingnovember. You can add your work to ‘the arts, the environment & sustainability group’ and / or into your own Instagram account by using #narratingnovember #weareoca

You don’t need to do all 30 days so you can pick and choose the daily prompts and upload your responses as often as you feel like.

This challenge is open to all disciplines so does not need to be visual. For example, creative writing or musical responses to the theme and prompt words would be really exciting too.

This challenge is open to anyone so do tell your friends and family.

The challenge will start on November 1st!

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