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Student work: Arts, the Environment & Sustainability

BA Hons Textiles student Lorna Hall

My project is still at early stages, I am looking at sea life and the effects of food waste and what we stand to loose in the ocean. I am focusing on print and I am hoping to develop a conversational print almost to record some of “ the sealife magic”. I am looking to explore embellishing with waste from a child's lunch at the school where I am working. At the moment I have explored embellishments with Peperami, Kettle Crisps and Wotsits packaging.

BA Hons Fine Art student Marina Wittemann

My art engages with the emotionality of a person through the sensory qualities of colour and materials. I transform recycled and unconventional materials into multi-sensational and aesthetic objects, redefining value and beauty. By removing the original purpose of conventional materials, I provoke the viewer to question and rethink.

Newspapers, for instance, already once contained the information, now I rework direct word messages into colour field paintings where I communicate in a personal and private way with the viewer.

I delve not only into the environmental concerns but the Ecology of Mind as a whole. Pollution is the responsibility of each person and not the abstract concept of "society" or "state". Only the individual decides whether to start hazardous production, throw a plastic bottle into nature, press the "red button", or choose an eco-friendly product, clean up the world around, to critically oppose war to life.

Newspaper is also one of the mass propaganda media that present only one point of view in the country of my birth. Therefore I invite viewers to be involved not only emotionally but also physically in perceiving the artwork and moving from one side to the other. In other words, this is the effect of "the 9/6 perspective" where from the left for the viewer will be 9 (one colour), and for the other, it will be 6 (another colour). This is not a question of being right or wrong, but the ability to see the whole picture, to think critically, to enjoy life and not aggression.

BA Hons Illustration student Myfanwy Davies

My name is Myfanwy Davies and I’m a student of BA illustration with the OCA whilst also working part-time as a freelance illustrator! I am currently living in Leicester and have been involved in a variety of projects surrounding sustainability with the organisation Net Good City (@netgoodcity on Instagram). I am currently working on a series of Zines for them, with each issue focusing on a new way to incorporate sustainable practices into your day to day life. I have attached an images from the first (rewilding) and second (sustainable transport) issues for you to have a look at.

I have also worked on a project as part of my degree, where I entered the International Composting Day’s poster competition, which I have also attached an image of.

My website is and my Instagram handle is @mdaviesillustration if you’d like to take a further look at my work and read my ‘about’ page!

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