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Arts, the environment & sustainability

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Hi all, I hope you are all doing ok? I recently set up a Sustainable & Regenerative Design Padlet. Here's the link (do let me know if it doesn't work, but I think I have set up the permissions properly)

I would love it if as many of you as possible could help populate the Padlet with your own sustainability-related work or resources that you have come across. This will then help others when they are researching this key topic. Just click on the + button at the end of each column to add a post to that category.

I have already included some information and stacks of on-line resources that are available from the OCA/UCA library. Hopefully you will find something of interest there.

Perhaps pop a message up in this group to alert us if you have added anything.

Thanks, Emma

Geraldine Leahy


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  • 15 Jul Mon | 'Creating Climate Fiction for Young Adults'

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