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Summer of Sustainability at OCA

Hello to everyone in the group. I hope you are all doing ok.

Myself and Ashley are aiming to put together a ‘Summer of Sustainability.’ This will probably take the form of a series of events, links and discussions.

To do this we need some suggestions from the group.

We are looking for creative practitioners who have a link with sustainable practice to be a part of this. You might want to nominate yourself to share your work with us online as part of a discussion group. Or, you might want to suggest a practitioner we could approach to see if they are interested in participating.

If you are an OCA tutor you might want to suggest a workshop/activity (online or in person) that you could offer.

You might also want to suggest an exhibition, or activity, that is open to the public, relevant to sustainability and on over the summer. We will be compiling a list putting suggestions all in one place.

If you have any thoughts about any of these ideas, or additional ones, then please do email me with some suggestions –

Jennifer Beresford
Nuala Mahon
Nuala Mahon
Mar 09, 2023

Sounds Brilliant. I am trying to work as sustainably as possible. I use handmade pinhole cameras to make my images of ocean plastic pollution and I develop the images in seaweed and fix in sea salt. My SYP exhibition was about my journey and results exhibited on the beach (Sherkin Island, Ireland). I presented the work to the ArtScientific group last Sunday.



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