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Arts, the environment & sustainability

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Penelope Trigg
Penelope Trigg

Following on from Nuala's inspiring post about taking an environmentally friendly approach to photography, I thought I'd comment from a painting perspective. BTW I'm a Level One Painting student (first module, 'Drawing for Painting').

I'm trying to minimise the damage I do to the environment through my drawing and painting, whether that's connected with the materials I buy, the ways I dispose of paint or chemicals, or the ways I recycle materials. (Incidentally, having a septic tank at home concentrates the mind!)

If anyone has come across collated advice from practising artists, or websites or books for painters wanting to be as eco-friendly as possible, I'm very interested. So far, following a quick Google search, I've found the following:

Maybe something already exists through the OCA/OCASA's resources?


Dr Emma Powell
Nuala Mahon
Ashley Mclaughlin
Ashley Mclaughlin
Jul 27, 2023

Hi@Penelope Trigg,

We don't already have a resource on this as far as I'm aware, but we are always looking for students to write blog posts for us for OCASA if this is something you'd be interested to do? It would make a very interesting read.



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