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I am looking at starting a side business selling nursery art prints on Etsy. I have been looking up sustainable paper to print on and it's surprising how little options there are! There seem to be more options for copy paper, but for thicker printing paper the only one I could find is Hahnemuhle Hemp or Bamboo paper, but it is really expensive. It works out to about £1.50 to £1.80 per sheet (depending on if there is a sale on at the time).

Has anyone tried sustainable papers for art prints and know of any options?

Dr Emma Powell
Dr Emma Powell
Mar 21, 2022

I think this is the sort of question we could ask in an OCA-wide 'top tips' sustainability questionnaire. The 'hive' brain might be able to throw up all sorts of answers to all sorts of questions. This could be one of our first jobs???



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