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Arts, the environment & sustainability

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The OCA student Association recently joined Ecologi and planted a thousand trees. You can add to our forest here and find out more about Ecologi here

We would love to see OCA HQ mirror this initiative by planting a tree per enrolment and will be investigating this with the Heads of Departments alongside any other discussions and recommendations from this group.

Katrina Ardern
Geraldine Leahy
Nuala Mahon
Krystyna Farrell
Krystyna Farrell
Apr 10, 2022

I like the idea..but to be honest wouldn't it be better if each student could get an hour of tuition...rather than a tree!

Also more information about environmental friendly arts materials.. Just think planting a tree is an easy option to sustainability ..and also politics around whose land is bring used to plant trees on!



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