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I am doing my Visual Communications research project (Level 3) and wondered if any tutors or students might help be by answering some questions - as I am hoping to get some primary research in there! My research question is Designing for Climate Change. How are graphic designers responding to the current climate crisis?

Here are the questions:

1. Do you believe that Graphic Designers have a responsibility to get involved with the fight against climate change?

2. Do you think you have a role in the fight against climate change, and if so, what is that role?

3. When did you first start being environmentally conscious in relation to your work?

4. Tell me about a project that you have worked on that you are proud of in relation to climate change?

5. Is there any climate change campaigns (past or present) that you have been impressed with and why?

6. What could the design industry do more of or be better at in the fight against climate change?

My email is if you want to email your answers to me. Ideally if I had these back within two weeks that would be great!

Many thanks


Dr Emma Powell


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