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Arts, the environment & sustainability

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Hi Everyone,

I am back after a little break. It is so nice to see so many new faces and to have Emma Powell join us, which is really exciting. I look forward to seeing more of all your work!

My instagram is: Ashleysart

I haven't explored sustainability as a theme in my artwork, but I have been looking into sustainable practices a lot and how to create the least amount of impact. However, I have tons of art supplies already, I have started to replace them with more sustainable alternatives i.e. Refillable pens, dip pens and ink in glass bottles, watercolour instead of acrylic inks. Although I would love to find an alternative to acrylic inks, as I love their intensity.

Dr Emma Powell
Scarlett Barrow


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  • 15 Jul Mon | 'Creating Climate Fiction for Young Adults'

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