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Arts, the environment & sustainability

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On Saturday we will be launching the new Arts, The Environment and Sustainability resource hub on the VLE. It will appear in your VLE area.

We have been working on this space for many months and we really hope that you enjoy it. It is an area that all students can access and dip into. There are lots of activities that you can read about, and undertake, and there is plenty of additional information to explore. Let us know if you create any work based on these activities as we would love to add this to the resource in the future.

If you have signed up for any of the OCASA Summer of Sustainability 2024 online sessions we hope you have a great time. Please share your work on the relevant session's Padlet so that we can see what you have made.

Tricia Burton
Andrea Norrington

The space is now live 😊



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  • 15 Jul Mon | 'Creating Climate Fiction for Young Adults'

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