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OCA-North Study Group

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Hi Everyone,

The next meeting is online on Sunday 18th of June at 4pm, you are all welcome.

The zoom link is

Meeting ID: 941 4673 5504

Passcode: 061575

Sadly we are postponing the in person workshop planned for July, due to there being no funding left in the OCASA pot. Any suggestions for an arty meet up somewhere are welcome.

Best Wishes


Jun 08, 2023

Hello Helen Hopefully, I can come along (it's Father's Day so I may not be able to) On arty meet ups - My Exhibition (end of degree :( ) is the week of the 28th August in Sheffield.... I will share more details in time... (I have a little interactive thing planned.) - Would be more than happy to have a little meetup in the space. With not driving it would be nice to meet people in person before I finish my degree :D Emma



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