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The monthly cafés of the RGE offer a crit corner where anyone who would like to get constructive feedback can present their work, in whatever state of development it may be.

In the first session of this academic year I presented two textile pieces, inspired by the Japanese boro tradition. the assignment asked me to critically analyse the composition of a sample and, based on this analysis, create an improved version. I was convinced that I had achieved a more balanced version, better fulfilling compositional criteria like rhythm, harmony and unity. The lively, engaged discussion in the group made it clear to me, however, that I may have created a more refined sample but that it had lost the energy and spontaneity of the original piece. It brought to my awareness the - for me as yet unresolved - tension between spontaneity and intuition on one hand and critical analysis on the other. It made me realize the danger of overthinking and becoming less experimental and playful.

For me this was a very valuable experience. I am grateful for the friendly support, the encouragement and the open sharing of impressions, ideas, experiences. So I encourage everyone to profit from this great opportunity to show your work and receive constructive feedback.

Our next cafe will be on Oct 5, 18:30 CEST. The zoom link is You can let us know in advance if you like to get feedback for some work, you can share something spontaneously or just listen in.

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Annalisa Mercuri
Inger Weidema
Karen Stander
Karen Stander
Karen Stander
Sep 27, 2022

The fact that we are exposed to work and students across disciplines makes these sessions absolutely fantastic learning. Great sharing Annette. See you next week👍

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