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Just a reminder for Thursdays conversation with Angela Trencsak and a few others from the exhibition group on place-based themes in the show and our artistic practices. Please join us through the zoom link on the exhibition website or below (zoom seems temperamental, so if below does work for you, go to the website to access.).

All welcome (and watch out for the two remaining ones on Sat 17/ with Annette Holtkamp and Karen Standers on all things mycelium; and Mon 26/ with Annalisa Mercuri, Baiba Vagule and Sonia Boenig on the curation of the digital gallery space.)

Thursday, 1 September, 20:00 hrs CEST with Angela Trencsak

Exploring notions of place (imagined, experienced, remembered) in Angela’s work (Spiritual connections through a journey of imagination) and across a number of how others are working with place-based themes and practices in the exhibition project.

Dertail of Angela Trencsak's Imaginative Journey (a/v work)

Karen Stander
Karen Stander
Karen Stander
Aug 31, 2022

Great to continue, looking forward to the discussion,.

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