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Sustainable Knitting

Explore creative ways to reuse old garments and household textile, including making your own fabric yarns!

Date: Sunday 17th July 2022, 6.00–7.30pm

Level: Knowledge of basic knitting skills (knit stitch, casting on and casting off)

Place: Online via Microsoft Teams

Cost: £12 Early Bird, £15 General

Main content: -

The session aims to explore the possibilities of textile waste, by recycling old garments using a range of simple techniques:-

  • Making own yarns from a variety of fabrics

  • Visible repair, using patching and darning to make a statement

  • Adding knitting to both fabric and old knitted pieces

There will be demonstrations of yarn making and repair techniques for both woven and knitted textiles. The class includes a worksheet, PowerPoint presentation, and samples to inspire further ideas for after the session.

The workshop is aimed at anyone with an interest in textiles, and all levels of ability are welcome. Although the workshop focuses on creating experimental samples and artwork, techniques can be adapted to create functional objects such as garments, accessories and household items.

Trine Wade
Trine Wade
Trine Wade
Jul 14, 2022

Thank you for all these fabulous recommendations! I've signed up for a number of events I wouldn't have known about without these reminders. Keep them coming, please!



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