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Jennifer Collier: Findng your artistic voice

No words can describe Jennifer’s upcycled stitched paper sculptures. From delicate stiletto shoes to a full-sized sewing machine, the way she uses paper as cloth is remarkable. But as you’ll learn in this article, her road to success wasn’t easy. First, she had to find her creative voice. And then after finding her signature style and techniques, she had to face plagiarism of her work. Jennifer’s candid insights into both her fantastic 3-D creative process and the challenges she’s faced along the way is inspiring. And her words of advice will encourage all textile artists, no matter their level of experience.

Liz Smith


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  • 6 Dec Wed | 'Life Drawing with 2B or not 2B Collective'

  • 9 Dec Sat | 'Propaganda Textiles & Antony Gormley - Double study event! '

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