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Friday 19 August: Shirley Smart (Cello)

Friday 19 August 2022, 8pm Tickets £20 (FREE entry under 27s)

Acknowledged as one of the UK’s most versatile and creative cellists, Shirley Smart is equally at home and well versed in jazz, folk, middle eastern and world music, as well as classical, and her music draws upon this rich tapestry of influences.

Originally trained under Raphael Wallfisch at the Guildhall School of Music, and Janos Starker in Paris, she subsequently moved to Jerusalem, where she where she studied and performed and absorbed the rich and overlapping worlds of North African, Arabic, Turkish and Balkan music as well as jazz, working with some of the region’s leading artists, including Avishai Cohen, Omer Avital, Khaled Jubran, Sabreen and Yasmin Levy.


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