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OCA-North welcomes you to a Study Event

On Saturday 4th of November 2023

Venue:- Fletcher’s Mill (upstairs, stairlift available), Dean Clough Mills, HX3 5AX. Free parking at weekends. Walking distance of train station. See site map on

Date: Saturday the 4th of November 2023. Meet from 12md in The Weaver Rooms café (D Mill) next to True North for lunch (optional) beforehand.

Working with Words - creating a visual dialogue!

with Priscilla Edwards 1-5pm

Workshop Brief...

Using A4 black and white or colour photocopies/photographs of your own work from whatever discipline you are studying to create a small collection of examples that explore your own practice. You will be guided to experiment with the use of your own images and found images to make new work using words I will provide you with. This will hopefully challenge your thinking in new directions enabling you to create exciting new images, sounds and words.

Students will need to bring:

· A small range of dry drawing materials.

· Pritt Stick glue (please do not bring PVA or any other type of runny glue)

· Scissors

· 10 X A4 colour/black & white photocopies of current or old work you would like to use, bring 5 of each b&w and colour.

· A collection of found images you don’t mind cutting up to collage with – these could be from magazines, newspapers old photos etc.

· A3 sheets of cartridge paper to work on or other type of paper you wish to work on.

Show and Tell

This event is also an opportunity to pitch an idea for discussion or bring some of your work for constructive and supportive feedback, from Priscilla and other students. Time will be made for this before the workshop starts and will depend on how many bring work as to how long is spent.

To book your place follow the link below:


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