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Listen to the varied voices and rhythms of the River Stour and the stories the water whispers as it glides past gnarled willows, rushes through locks, gathers in dark mill ponds and slowly winds its way to the sea… Another inspirational writing weekend residential at the idyllic Flatford Mill FSC (Suffolk) will take place this August from 12th-15th.

This course combines periods of outdoor observation with exploration of a stimulating array of images, texts, music, film clips and stories associated with rivers. Fresh ideas and imagery will also be drawn from the depths of the imagination and memory. Supportive, enjoyable exercises will deepen your response to the river and surrounding landscape and you’ll generate several short pieces on the river theme, encompassing wildlife, flora, buildings and human lives, past and present. Experienced writers and poets and those who are starting out are welcome.

The course is led by Rebecca Hubbard, an experienced and inspiring writing tutor with a passion for helping writers explore and deepen their connection with natural places. Rebecca has worked as a gardener, freelance journlist and teacher; she is also a published poet (The Garden of Shadow & Delight, Cinnammon Press)and has a MA in Creative Writing.


Within this group you'll find recordings of study events and...


  • 3 Jul Wed | 'Speed Portrait Drawing to Music'

  • Time is TBD | 'OCA Technology Support Workshops'

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