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SATURDAY 16th July 2022


LDG are excited to bring a new series of online classes with artist Joshua Armitage - Secrets of Seeing.

Learning the simple secrets that will be shared in this class can help you to become more confident with drawing and creativity. Learning how to draw is often a case of learning how to see.

This class will explore colour and how we can use it intuitively and creatively. We will look at how we see colours and also how we can let them guide our picture making. We will also be looking at and finding inspiration from the artist Milton Avery who is currently the focus of a retrospective at the Royal Academy in London.

Joshua will share some ideas and techniques from his experience as a painter and drawing teacher. He will help you to gain a new found curiosity in the way you see the world around you and confidence in being able to capture it in drawing.


Within this group you'll find recordings of study events and...


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