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Unfortunately I think there may be some technical issues with the poll in the blog post

So, if you can't access it in that space please find it below:

So, let's have a poll! Julian Gray is an illustrator and comic creator based in Manchester, UK. Unapologetically queer, trans, disabled, and mixed race, Julian is passionate about filling the world with stories featuring marginalised characters where their marginalisation is not the centrepiece. He is especially fond of flawed characters and queer romances. His illustrations are often character-driven and take inspiration from his favourites: superhero comics, speculative fiction, the Victorian aristocracy and historical gothic aesthetics.

Would you rather?

  • A creating comics workshop

  • How to be a freelance illustrator talk

Tricia Burton


Within this group you'll find recordings of study events and...


  • 3 Jul Wed | 'Speed Portrait Drawing to Music'

  • true | 'OCA Technology Support Workshops'

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